Shubhangi Karmakar from the shoulders up, looking at the camera. The top buttons of their shirt are open, revealing a "Repealist" pendant on a chain.

Shubhangi Karmakar

Writer, Medical Researcher, Activist @

Shubhangi (21, she/they) is a medical student, currently pursuing an Intercalated MSc. in Molecular Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, with a research interest in the Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

By trade, they are a globally profiled and collected jeweller, goldsmith, and fine artist. They started their philanthropic creative work in 2017 with Repealist, a one person design brand that has raised 10,000EUR and counting for causes like Repeal the 8th, as well as other contemporary queer, disabled, women’s, poverty  homelessness and POC community causes in Ireland and abroad.

Besides this, they undertake much work in their academic and professional community as the Treasurer for Women in Medicine Ireland Network (WiMIN), the Treasurer for the Graduate Students’ Union, and are the Health Sciences Editor for the Trinity Postgraduate Review journal, ex-Digital Editor for the Trinity Student Medical Journal.

They are now the founder of, a media site for broadening the scope and visibility of underrepresented voices in Irish platforming spheres, and is a point of contact for linking the best of diverse creators with otherwise inaccessible ‘exclusive’ opportunities in Ireland and abroad.

They are a freelance writer on a variety of topics from diversity, to social activism, to fashion and design for magazines like Irish Tatler and IMAGE Publications. They also contribute to podcasts like Echo Chamber, actively trying to increase diversity by integration in Irish collective culture.

They are a sought after guest speaker who has contributed to anything from Science Foundation Ireland Science Week talks on the need for diversity in the study of population genetics, to workshops on the future of diversity and disability supports in LGBTQ+ and feminist activism in universities and national organisations, as well as being a sex positive educator!

You can find them commonly chatting away at @Repealist_ on Twitter.