A New Strategy Game From Romero Games


Romero Games logo, where the first "O" has been replaced by a skull.


Congratulations to Brenda Romero, one of our brilliant speakers, on the announcement of a new game being developed with Paradox Interactive. Variety reports that the original IP is “…a new strategy game, which is set to be revealed at E3 2019”. You can sign up at the official website to get more information prior to E3.




We are delighted for Brenda and everyone at Romero Games. Looking forward to learning more in the coming months!


That’s A Wrap!

Joanna Dukkipati from the waist up, stands iwth one hand on her hip, in front of a desk and a large screen with the name of the event projected onto it.

Joanna Dukkipati of Good Day News, Cork. (Photo credit: Ciaran Irwin.)


The first Women Producing Media event is now complete. What an amazing day it was! As Joanna Dukkipati later said, “We spoke about representation, support systems, pay, policies and more. The insights were fascinating!”

The attendees ranged from experienced professionals and academics to aspiring game designers and filmmakers, including current UCC undergraduates. It was livestreamed, as well as being livetweeted using the hashtag #WomenMakeMedia. We had three cameras recording video and plan to release a edited version for free online. There will also be a transcript in both English and Irish at a later point. In the meantime, we will be posting photos here as we receive them.

If you’d like to follow our speakers on Twitter, we have them all in a handy list.



Thank you to everyone who spoke, helped organise, and attended. What an amazing day. Let’s do this again!


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